do it to it

This SATURDAY is the one, the only EPISCODISCO!
San Francisco's one and only Episco-fiesta!
7 - 10 pm.

This month features a live performance by the lovely and talented Angelina Moysov(Persephones Bees)

MEEEEGAAA Jams brought by NAKO (Popscene/Shutter)

Curatorial team Paradise Now will debut their site specific installation series inside San Francisco's Grace Cathedral with "Realm Dreams". Three screens set in inside the high hallowed walls will feature dreamy reflections from Eve Ekman, Bertie Pearson and Rebecca Whipple in slide, hand drawn animation and video narration. Floating above the pews will be the airy sculptural musings of Adam Wier and Eve Ekman. Leave your religious inhibitions at the door and join us for this dreamy night of ephemeral transcendence. Paradise Now is Jean Cooney and Eve Ekman.

Refreshments generously dispenced by the dexterous Anna Marie, Ms. Jessica and Senor Elbow. Also...The only host more Priestly than Jason: Fr. BERTIE P. Come join us for beverages, big jams and a good, old fashioned Episco-polusa. oi! oi! oi!

The July 7x7 sayith: Bertie P. has long been a fixture on the nightlife scene, MCing and DJing parties (Blow Up, Frisco Disco, Boner Party) as his out-of-this-world alter-egos. Four months ago, he became an Episcopal priest. Seriously. But it didn’t stop him from starting another party at his new office—Grace Cathedral. EpiscoDisco brings DJs, drinks and other good stuff into the famed church on the third Saturday night of the month. 1100 California St.